1520 Lafayette Street  Down Town Cape Coral  33904
239-542-2224    (behind the Holiday Inn Express)
        Brew Babies Garden Bistro         
Cape Coral's Ultimate Restaurant Experience
Let us Help you celebrate those special moments                            
Tuesday - Saturday (Closed Sunday & Monday)
11:00am - 2:30pm Lunch / 5:00pm - 10:00pm Dinner

Brew Babies Garden Bistro 

                   "A Piece of ITALY brought to CAPE CORAL"

Some of you have heard the exciting news that Brew Babies has welcomed their new owners, Antonio and Claudia, with open arms. They fell in love with Brew Babies and it's staff from their first visit. Antonio and Claudia along with their daughter Virginia moved to Florida from Rome, Italy where they owned restaurants including "Ponte Vecchio" which is now in the hands of family.  Antonio is a chef with over 30 years in the restaurant business. He is passionate about creating delicious combinations of food, teaching others from his experience, and how sharing a meal with great company in the perfect ambiance will always create great memories.  His beautiful wife, Claudia, is a gourmet baker who is not only talented in the kitchen but speaks 4 different languages.  With Claudia's array of words all of our guests feel welcome whether they are from Germany, Spain, Italy, America... a woman who can speak several languages but also cook traditional dishes from around the world is perfect for Brew Babies.  Their daughter, Virginia, just left for college in Madrid to become a veterinarian, but not before putting her final touches on the beautifully transformed garden courtyard here at Brew Babies.  
All of the staff and chefs, you know and love from the last 7 years, will still be here to greet you, serve you, cook for you and all with smiles.   All your favorite entrees, music, and atmosphere remains the same with incredible additions like gourmet desserts, hand-rolled gnocchi dishes with homemade sauces, and so much more but we will let you experience it all for yourself! 
In addition to the palette pleasing menu, everyone  can find a comfortable spot to chill out.  Whether it be in the lounge with the red velvet sofa or in the courtyard with the sounds of water fountains or maybe the bar where you are sure to meet up with one of your neighbors.

LIVE Music on the Terrace starts at 7:00pm

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